Our Commitment to the Enviroment

As a business, and personnally, we know the things we do have an impact on the local area and the wider enviroment. Whilst most people are also aware of this we do understand that it does sometimes mean extra cost and, as a small business, cost is something that is constantly having to be considered. Below is a list of changes we have made and processes which we follow which hopefully make a difference however small.

Cardboard and Plastic Packaging - All cardboard and plastic packaging waste is returned to our suppliers on their vehicles, at time of delivery, for recycling. This means that we have reduced collected waste at our Reading branch by 75% and do not need a waste collection service at our Poole branch.

Packaging for delivered items - Our postage sacks for large items such as dog beds are made from recycled materials and we always reuse cardboard boxes.

Loyalty Cards - Our plastic loyalty cards are made from 100% biodegradable plastic.

We are always interested in new ways we can be more enviromentally friendly and also in stocking products that are as well, if you have any great ideas please email us at eco@petshoppoole.co.uk